Monday, June 11, 2012

The Beach at Govenor's Island

The palm trees New Yorker's get... hey we aren't picky ;)

But it is an awesome view!
Figment is an arts project that is all FREE.... it is geared towards adults and kids... it is about making awareness in the community and bringing people together without spending a bunch of money and still having a great, if not one of the best times of your life. This weekend I was apart of what was called "Hello 100" which was a dance created by Bex Burton to be performed at Figment by 100 hula hoopers (which it was), and it was amazing to be apart of it. I probably would not have made it to this great event if I had not particiapted in it. Needless to say I am glad I got to be apart of this weekend at Figment and to be able to experience not only the awesomness at Figment but also at Govenor's Island which was also really cool in itself. The island used to be for the U.S. Coast guard but now it is used for festivals and concerts, a lot of the island is historic so it can't be knocked down so investors aren't interested in it, unless they can build casinos or amusement parks. The island is 2.2 miles and you can bring your bike, have a picnic and there is also an area at the end where they have a fake beach, drinks & food and you can do all that while looking at some unique views of the Manhattan skyline.

Summer in NYC

It is officially Summer in the city now, with 80 degree days and even humidity... the funny thing is people are dying in the heat here. However, it does cool down at night and there will be a week where its hot and then it will cool down for a week, so you at least get a break.... unlike Florida. The difference here also is that most people don't have central AC or AC at all.... ya, I know, it can be brutal. So, anyways enough about the weather. Summer in NYC is gonna be awesome... rooftops bars, beaches (long island, the hamptons, montauk), Govenor's island which I just discovered! Also, they have sunset cruises along the East River which is pretty cool. Also, during Summer Central Park sets up a carnival for kids. So much to do here even in the Summer months, people appreciate the warmth so much!!

New York Botanical gardens: Orchid Show

In April the Botanical Gardens had what is called the "Orchid show". However, they have what is called an Orchid evening, which is where you can walk the gardens at night, watch the exhibit and have a drink. I went with the guy that I am seeing and it was so nice & one word describes the feel : Enchanting!

My 26th Birthday in NYC

Oh my goodness what a great time this was! So, for my birthday orginally my friend Nicole was coming to visit and my roommate Kathleen (who I also know from Florida) was going to be around maybe, but last minute like literally the day before Nicole was coming, my best friend Lauren decided to come also. She booked her ticket and it was just so exciting and awesome all at the same time. Saturday the 3rd is when they flew in and they stayed until the 5th & 6th. This trip again like NYE was just aboslutely such an amazingly good time. The first day we all went out for drinks and attempted to walk the highline, but apparently the highline closes at 8, so we missed that but we walked around the Chelsea area and saw some cool reto buildings, that night we went dancing at 515 in midtown for a little pre-birthday dancing and fun, some of my New York friends came out for this... it was a blast.

Sunday we went to Brookyln Brewery & took the beer tour, such a great time:

On Monday we went to Alice's tea cup, cute restaurant with an Alice & Wonderland theme & then went and took a walk through Central Park

For the night of: We went to Buddakan which was amazing & ended the evening at the Park which was also gorgeous & one of a kind.... a very special birthday indeed!


                                                               Below is the Park

Highly reccomend the Park for drinks & a fun atmosphere, it was a great end to my birthday and then of course we had some late night girls fun.....

Love these girls so much & even more for making my birthday one of the best ever! Nothing like true friends in your favorite city with you ;)


So, totally been so absorbed with school and work... it got a little crazy! Now of course school is over!!! Thank goodness. It was a lot of fun but it was just intense. My baking classes & my culinary classes were 4.5 hours each! Plus, you had to wear a uniform and get messy... it was such a unique experience though... so thankful to be going to a school that is so hopsitality based... fits me very well. One of my teachers made a good point and that was that not every school is going to fit for everyone and it is so true. I loved FAU, but the school I am at now fits me a lot better. I did love my swimming class, art class and women studies classes a lot... the hospitality program though was too "businessy" for me... it was so boring and a lot of work! So here are some pics from the program:

                                    Assortment of cookies above & below was breakfast for Culinary

Above: Cream Puffs

                                                       Fresh Foccaccia delish!

Apricot Danish

                                                   Buttercream cake with Coconut & cherries

Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Wow! So much has happened and it goes by so fast its absolutely unbelievable. I have been living in New York now for 8 months and I guess right after my last post it really started to get real. Winter has come and gone, now it is Spring and it is so beautiful. Winter was relatively easy, still gets cold even when it is considered not bad. Had days where it was 17 degrees and some where it was 55. Living in New York is so unbelievable. It really seems like a dream to be here still. I walk around the city and new adventures, people and life just happens. My best friend said something while she was visiting and it is so true, She said " even when you are sitting at home, so much life is happening around you", New York does not stop for one minute!